Friday, July 26, 2013


Sunshine warming
Deeply hued skin,
A cool breeze
Licking the salty liquid
Off their brows.

He stood up tall
And released a sigh,
A "Thank you" to
A God, a deity,
A mother of nature
Who had sent this welcome
Respite from the heat.

He looked down
At her and
Spoke no words
Just conveyed his love.

He had found
Her beautiful and
She had found
Him brave and
In the time
They spent together
They found more.

They found more
Than the single
 Adjective they had
Assigned to one another.

Yes, she was beautiful,
But she was also smart,
Resilient, quick witted,
Diplomatic and nurturing.

Yes, he was brave,
But he was also savvy,
Witty, good-natured,
Persuasive and bold.

 In the quiet moments
Between the sun
And the moon,
A quiet love blossomed
Like an unassuming flower.

A flower that grew
From a green bud
To an extraordinary
Sight to behold,
Emitting a scent that
Coloured their world.

 She looked up at him,
At first a frown
Was upon her face,
But when their eyes met,
It melted like
Ice on a hot summer day.

She did away with her tools,
As he did away with his,
And in each others' arms
They sought a cool place
To create a heat
Of their own.

A heat only
A man and a woman
Could make.


Brian Miller said...

They found more
Than the single
Adjective they had
Assigned to one another

cool lines that...and nice progression of the relationship in your verse...nice intimacy there in the end as well..

turtlememoir said...

Yes, those same lines Brian quoted, caught me - lovely poem.

kaykuala said...

But when their eyes met,
It melted like
Ice on a hot summer day.

One thing leads to the other. I love these types of great endings It makes the day brighter! Nicely K or L!


mindlovemisery said...

Wow! I love every word, this poem is fantastic one of my favorites of the day, blown away!