Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Found The World

I found the world
Beautiful, today
As I stood on 
The edge of Today
Looking out to 

No matter how
Long I looked
I could not see
Beyond the gray
Clouds that hung
Close to the horizon.

I grew tired of
Trying to see what
The future held,
Choosing to use 
My imagination.

In the depths of
My gray matter,
I built a world
Filled with splendid
Wonders that
Had be yearning 
For them to become

Soon, my imaginings
Became more than
Dreams to entertain
And delight me,
They became the 
Blueprint for the 
World I wanted to create.

Today, I worked on
Creating a future
I wished to live in,
But still I knew that
Now was beautiful,
Was worthy of
My attention and
So I reside in that
Sweet middle ground
Of enjoying now
And creating for later.

I found the world
Beautiful, today.


Robert Gibson said...

This was beautiful.

No pun intended :)

It was inspiring - along my thoughts about getting up off my ass and carving my destiny in more than just my poetry. Thanks for the read :)

Lisa Williams said...

Really love this! The beauty of the moment often goes unnoticed in our haste for the future. Beautiful!

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