Sunday, June 30, 2013


Let me start off by saying, I'm sick. It started with a little sleep deprivation, followed by being exposed to sick people. One of which was my sister who had a doozy of a cold with a wicked cough. Instead of getting better, I got worse. Thank goodness I was able to take part in the Antigua Toastmasters' Tall Tale Competition, although my voice began to go but it added to the performance. Right after, my voice got worst and the coughing more. That was Thursday evening and then I got worse. From Friday to Saturday, I lost my voice, had a terrible cough and felt miserable. That pretty much explains why there was no poem on Friday.

The thing is I had plan to change the blog up a bit. Instead of posting poems three times a week, I've decided to only post two. One on Monday and the other on Friday, but there will still be something on a Wednesday. It might be an audio clip of me reading one of my poems. It might be one of the YouTube videos of me at an Expression's open mic. It might even be a poem embedded in a picture.

I'm doing this to mix it up a bit. I noticed that not all the poems get love in terms of comments and I am going to be submitting my poems to literary journals. For instance I submitted a poem to St. Somewhere April 2013 Journal. I'm going to have to learn to be disciplined and resist the urge to put all my poems on this blog. Plus it would be fun to see my work among other talented poets in various journals. I've met so many awesome people through this blog and it is through their kind feedback that I have the courage to take the next step and submit.

I hope you you like the change and continue to support this blog.


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Robert Gibson said...

I have to learn that discipline too, Kimmy ... I post everything on my blog as well, and am now reaping the consequences - I have a GREAT poem, but I can't enter into Barbados' national arts competition later this year because the poem needs to be unpublished - which includes not published to my blog either.

I am glad you are going to be changing things up here, and I'm eager to seeing the embedded videos and other things you plan on bringing to your blog :)