Monday, May 6, 2013

I Was Okay

The hour was 10,
That hour when workers
Were assimilating to
The work environment,
Looking up for a brief
Moment to acknowledge
The hour and return to
Whatever paid their bills.

Instead I sat in an empty
Cafe, lights twinkling above
Despite the sunlight flowing
In through three great windows,
A brick wall to my back.

I should feel like that, though,
My back to a brick wall,
I was down to my last dollar,
My rent was due in two days
And my boss, my ex-boss,
Informed me that my services
Were no longer needed.

Instead I sat in an empty
Cafe, enjoying the solitude
And the quiet, observing
The people passing by,
Sipping on a cup of coffee.

For the first time in my life,
I didn't care. I didn't care
That I didn't know what
The next step would be,
The next move on the
Chess board that is my life.

All I knew and cared
To know was this moment
That will flow effortlessly
Into the next with no
Interference from me and
I was okay with that.

I was okay.

Submitted to imaginary garden with real toads and dVerse Poets


kaykuala said...

All I knew and cared
To know was this moment
That will flow effortlessly
Into the next

The moment one gives to reflect on some irritants can be a powerful force. It may just create the environment for getting the right solutions. Nice thoughts Kim/Lisa


Sharp Little Pencil said...

You know, I love the outlook of this poem. Not only did you capture a single moment in time beautifully, you also managed that elusive feat of "getting it." That freedom from a job you hate can be a good thing.

I was fired from a restaurant once and I shouted, "Hooray! I win!" on my way out. (Problem: I would not have sexual relations with the boss, and he was a hairy old... yeacccch!) Amy

Brian Miller said...

life goes on for sure...doesnt make those moments easy but it we let them overwelm us then what have we then? i like your approach, to just appreciate the moment...

Kimolisa said...

@kaykuala, thanks, it seems to be a direction I've been going lately. A lot of reflection and really understanding life.

@Sharp Little Pencil, good for you. I'm glad you saw it was unacceptable and was able to walk away. Some people would have stayed in the job.

@Brian Miller, yes life goes on, it's hard when everything can be so overwhelming. Still learning to embrace the moment and learn the lesson.

Thanks everyone for the comments. I've always wanted to reply to each comment but this template won't let me :( So I'm going to do it this way :)

Heaven said...

I specially like the ending, there was a firm decision, no regrets but just accepting of what will follow next ~

Thanks for the lovely share ~

Jim said...

I like it Kim, sort of like the real thing. Except when I had it there were a non-working spouse and four kids. It wasn't just me.

But you are right, "life goes on."
(Most of the time.)

Margaret said...

Love poetry that captures a moment. Getting all worked up doesn't solve things. We can all learn a lesson here

Kimolisa said...

@Heaven, it's something I learned recently to accept things as they are and/or change them for the better.

@Jim, it must have been hard to have dependents and not knowing how you were going to take care of them. I can only assume that things worked out in the end.

@Margaret, I agree, getting all worked up doesn't solve things. Plus I've learned that when you stay calm the solution comes quicker.

Victoria said...

A great sense of acceptance and hope in in the moment. And I like the details (the brick wall!)

Jenny Herner said...

I liked this so much, I read it three times. The words are peaceful and the attitude inspirational

Kimolisa said...

@Victoria, it's the moments that we have to pay attention. Plus I love focusing on details.

@Jenny Herner, Thanks for the positive feedback and happy to read that you read it three times :)