Monday, April 29, 2013

Wonder Land

The land was
A mix of wintery
Wonder land and
Desolate patch of

I watched it pass
By as I rode on
A bus to somewhere

I touched the window,
Marveling at the
Coolness but happy
With not having to
Face it yet.

"Where you headed?"
The old lady sitting
Across the aisle asked,
Either making conversation
Or giving into her curiosity.

"Nowhere in particular,
Anywhere that is not
Where I was," I answered.

"Then how do you know
When you reach where
You going?" she asked.

"I figure I will just know,
Right here," I patted the
Place over my heart.
"I will just know."

She nodded her head
Then returned her attention
To the novel she was reading.
Her curiosity sated.

I didn't tell her the whole
Truth. I didn't tell the
Old woman that I was
Headed for a warm place
Where I can rest my head
And dream of you no more.

A place where we dreamt
Of going, but never did.
In the end, I was the only
One going because you
Chose a different type
Of life, a different type of

I was headed to a place
Where I could let the
Memories of you fade
Like old pictures in
An album I stopped
Flipping through.

Then again,
I have a feeling she,
The old lady, already
Knew the truth. She
Was too polite to ask
For it.

I looked out of
The window, watching
The desolate, wintery
Wonderland pass by.

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Laurie Kolp said...

New beginnings are just around the bend!

Emma Major said...

wow, that's so powerful. May the warmth heal that soul

Jim said...

I loved it, Kim. The first few verses reminded me of going to the "Hotel California" but then I got wired right.

Been there done that. But my VW broke down in a small town before I got to Corpus Christi and I had to be towed back to my grungy new bachelor pad.
(I.e. my little ditty was true. But now both us are happily married--20 and 40 years, her three other tries and my next.)

Helen said...

This is awesome! Drawn in from stanza one! I would have known as well.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

What a great write. I'm glad she went to find that warm place on her own. After every ending is a brand new beginning. Awesome.

Buddah Moskowitz said...

I really loved this - I liked how the protagonist was going anyway to do this thing that they were supposed to do together. This has inspired me to write about something that happened to me. Big love to you, Mosk

aprille said...

So nicely spaced in time and place. And you created a very special character in the old lady that seemed to know all about you. You could use her again in the continuation of this story.

Susie Clevenger said...

A new beginning at the end of a cold drive through a relationship's dead winter.

Margaret said...

The interaction between the two passengers is rather a nice touch ... And new photo albums are waiting to be made!

Claudia said...

yep, maybe she knew the truth already...old ladies seem to have a good sense for matters of the heart.. lovely capture of the journey..inward and outward

Björn said...

I'm pretty sure it shows that the destination is the purpose, and that it shows that a recovery is happening.

Brian Miller said...

really moving and powerful piece...the driving beyond wonderland...only getting a hint of happy from the coolness of the window...and when she does get there i like to think she will know...on we go

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

This is a wonderful capture of this piece of the heart's experience--Loved this

Grace said...

There is purpose in the journey ~ Hopefully she finds her peace and heal her heart ~ A lovey share, thanks ~

kaykuala said...

Beautifully written on something sad, even seems like tragic! Thankfully the resolve is far on the upside! Nicely Kim & Lisa!


Akila G said...

well written. life moves on as do people!

Kelvin S.M. said...

...a special one to read again and again... ah, smiles...

Robert Gibson said...

This is a beautiful piece, darling.... I was right there on that bus, experiencing the characters. Awesome work as usual.

Panchali said...

Oh, this is beautiful, Lisa. Thank God the gate to the wonderland opened for her to start afresh !! Really beautiful and moving...

Jeff said...

My comment went away when I published?