Wednesday, April 17, 2013

She Was Beautiful

He said
She was beautiful,
Not pretty,
Not gorgeous,
Not cute,
But beautiful.

A word that
With three syllables
Let her know
He thought she was

She didn't believe him.
Saying he was just
Saying so to be kind,
To get in her pants,
To get something
From her.

The only thing
He wanted from her
Was the one thing
She didn't have to give.

A simple for letter word
That lives between
Loathing and like
And the one word
That never spilled
Out of her mouth
To another or
To herself.

Yet, he said
She was beautiful,
Hoping that she would
Let the words absorb
Into her being.

Forcing her to take
A moment and really
See the beauty in her,
Taking a moment
To love herself.

He said
She was beautiful,
Hoping that if
She could love herself,
She could love him.

She was beautiful
If only she could
See that.


Yousei Hime said...

I poem that echoes the doubts of so many, including me. It is simply and beautifully put. Thank you for it and for the visit to me blog.

Buddah Moskowitz said...

I echo the above sentiment - I have such doubts about my appearance that I use an avatar rather than a picture. Your poems are always perfect - in subject, length, depth and soul. I love you! and your poems too. - Mosk

Robert Gibson said...

Well written ... as usual. This is the cry of so many hearts, male and female.