Wednesday, March 13, 2013


The following poem is from the section, "Love Hurts" of She Wanted A Love Poem, a collection of poems.


She struck him
Over and over
Again, a feral
Cry escaping
Soft lips.

As she battered
And bruised him,
She did not see

She saw her father
Striking her mother
Because she burnt
Her slice of toast.

She saw her uncle
Slipping his rough
Hands across her
Soft skin to her
Hidden places.

She saw her mother,
Bloodied on the
Kitchen floor,

She saw herself,
Trapped under
Her uncle's large body,

Then, and only then,
Did she see him,
Now bloody and
Bruised, scratched
and unconscious.

Seeing him lying there
Broke her, she looked
At her bloody hands,
His blood on her nails,
On her knuckles.

He never struck her

She fell to her knees,
Cradling him in
Her arms, from the
Depths of her being
A wail came.

She cried for him,
The man she loved,
The man who loved her,
The man who would
Never leave, even
When she became
A monster

She cried for him
To forgive her.

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Buddah Moskowitz said...

This is powerful - your vision and execution is perfect- not a single unnecessary or wasted word. Excellent, my friend.

Brian Miller said...

ugh...i was totally expecting it to be her child...but husband works as well...and so hit this one, just right...

Poet Laundry said...

Strong and tragic...a powerfully told piece.

Kim Nelson said...

Powerful and sad, but telling of the unacceptable regardless of the cause. I want to cradle her and say "Get Help! You have become the monster you blame."

Serena Helriot said...

A very powerful piece that surprised me. I too was expecting him to be her child... this speaks powerfully about how violence begets violence... well done.

Robert Gibson said...

Forgive the epithet - but it is the true reaction I have after reading this piece: FUCK........

This is powerful. And so sad...