Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I Am Heavy

I am heavy.
I am the whale
On arid land.
I am the elephant
Left in the center of
The Pacific.
I am heavy.

I am heavy.
I am the heart
That feels nothing
But pain.
I am the lungs
Drowning in the
Body's life blood.
I am heavy.

I am heavy,
Or so I tell myself
When truly,
I am a feather,
Light and floating
In the ether.
I am heavy.

I am heavy
Until I let go
Of the pain,
Of the things
That really don't matter,
Of feeling like
I am worth nothing.
I am heavy.

I am heavy,
but I'm tired
Of being heavy.


Brian Miller said...

so true in how we lose that heaviness when we are willing to let go...

smiles...i like the progression in this and how you got to that...

Pop-o said...

As somehow who has had weight problems (which has constantly jeopardized my self-esteem), the double meaning of this really hit home. Gorgeous, brutal yet affirming.