Saturday, March 30, 2013

Confess Your Sins

I really struggled with if I should post this poem as I don't normally post this type of poem on this blog. More times than not, my poems would elude to sex, rather than be state it. So if you are uncomfortable with erotica or anything along that line, skip this poem.

"Confess your sins!"
The hard paddle
On bare skin.

"Please, sire, please,
I have no sins," she begged
As it was the custom
Of her kind.

The paddle left a red mark,
Tears fell from her eyes.
Why won't he believe her?

He pulled her hair
So he could see
Her eyes better.

He searched them for
The truth, a truth
She refused to give.

He dropped the paddle
And stood before her,
Her body hanging
From the binds at her wrist.

With the back of his hand,
He slapped her,
She released a yelp,
Blood trickled from
The corner of her mouth.

Her head fell forward,
Her hair hiding her face,
"Play dead," she thought,
"And he will go away."

He clawed at what
Remained of her clothes,
Rendering her naked,
Exposed to him, to all.

"Confess your sins!"
His demand a growl,
As he palmed her breast.

She remained silent,
Dead silent,
Not a word spoken,
Not a muscle moved.

"Confess your sins!"
His other hand cupping
Her womanhood, dipping
A finger within her folds.

She gasped, her body
Betraying her as
He ministered to it.

"Confess your sins!"
His voice was a whisper
At her ear coaxing
Her to look up.

Before her he stood
Naked, manhood
At attention pointed
Directly at her.

Before she knew it
He was upon her
And with one thrust,
He impaled her.

He growled,
She sighed,
"Confess your sins!"
He repeated over and over
Until he released a roar.

His cum painting
The insides of her walls,
He withdrew and
She fell forward, spent,
Her binds holding
Her erect.

 "For the last time, woman,
Confess your sins,"
He said with
A weary voice.

Through a curtain of hair,
She responded,
My sin, for today,
Is I successfully seduced
Another priest to
Break his vow."

She looked up
To reveal
A devilish smile.

With a blink
Of her eye,
The bindings were undone
And she was gone.


Buddah Moskowitz said...

You never disappoint, Kimolisa. You have a real talent for twisting the ending. Brutal, visceral and engrossing. Will read again. Great job, Mosk.

Olsfred James said...

Heard it once... read it twice... loved it more each time!

Robert Gibson said...

I am Passion and I endorse this poem....

Brilliantly done! Maybe you might help me post some of my own more blatant pieces too .... *pondering*

Great work as usual, Kimmy :)