Friday, December 28, 2012

Untitled - She Wanted A Love Poem

The following poem is from the section, "Secrets" of She Wanted A Love Poem, a collection of poems.


Brown skin shone

In the half light.
I followed one limb
With my eyes
From the shoulder
To the finger tips.

On one finger
Sat a rock of
A diamond ring.
I wondered
Who gave it to her?
Did he know where she was?

Did he know that
The woman he chose to marry
Was sleeping next
To another man?
Then again, where was he?
Was he in bed with someone else?

During my wanderings
In wondering, she awoke.
At first an expression of
Surprise washed over her face
But it drained away and
Was replaced with a happy knowing.

She leaned over
And kissed me,
A kiss that bordered on
Butterfly kisses and something more,
Her wanting more but
Resisting that wanting.

I asked her to stay,
Stay the night,
Stay with me.
She said she couldn't,
She said she had to go,
She had to go home.

I looked in her eyes
And asked if
She wanted to go.
her head shook no
But her mouth said
She had to go.

She slipped out of the bed
And out of the bedroom.
Soon after, I heard
The shower being turned on,
She was washing
Me away.

She was washing
My scent away,
From my favourite cologne
To the slight funk
Of my sweat
But not everything
Would be washed away.

As I listed to
The shower washing me away,
I debated if
I should tell her
About the broken condom
That laid in the dustbin.

Should I tell her
That there was a chance
That she would be having
My baby not his?
Should I tell her
That I love her?

The shower was turned off
And she appeared
At the doorway,
I beckoned her over,
Telling her I have
Something to tell her.

Once again,
She shook her head
And said that
She had to go
And she was gone before
I could say another word.

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Mary said...

Whew, what a tale this makes me want to know more, what next, what before. It REALLY kept my attention.

Brian Miller said...

oh dang...well that might be a surprise gift here before too long...and then when it does not look like him i wonder what the husband will think....ha...intriguing tale...

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

Such a interesting tale in the telling --Happy New Year to you!

Poetry and Icecream said...

Will she stay or will she go? An interesting tale. I enjoyed the read :)

Susan said...

Reads like the inner monologue of a movie script, subjective, intriguing, and lazy, too: that little human (?) foible that chooses silence and repose rather than interfering with the slow unfolding of the rose.