Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I felt like being
Sinful, today.

I felt like doing
Something I wasn't
Supposed to do.

Something that
Would have old women
Covering children's eyes
And men giving me
The evil eye.

I felt like today
Was a good day
To do naughty things.

Things mother said
Good girls wouldn't do,
But we all know
Good girls were doing it
Anyway, they just
Didn't get caught.

I felt like Sin
And I were bosom buddies
Who would sit together and scheme.

We would be the
Scheming kind that had
Pleasant faces and
Dark minds who played
The game to the very end.

Although, my friend
Stood on the front step,
My ace boon hooting
And hollering for me
To come out, I find
Myself slinking to
The back of the house,
Pretending I was not in.

I felt like being
Sinful, today, but
I chose to be good
This time around.


Buddah Moskowitz said...

I loved this poem.

Some days you choose right, some days you choose wrong. I always ask for strength to do the right thing.

Then, inevitably, I fail and I ask for forgiveness.

Perfect poem, my friend.

Robert Gibson said...

This is a great poem, Kim :)

Brian Miller said...

smiles...i think most days we are faced with a similar decision on who we are going to be that day...and somedays, i def dont choose right...smiles.