Friday, November 9, 2012

Martine - Part 9

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"So what happened, yesterday?" It was Sunday morning and James and Martine were still in bed, but they had been away for about half an hour.

"Well, he came about an hour after you guys left, he hadn't eaten so I made him breakfast and then we moved into the living room and we had a good, long talk," Martine responded. "I gave him the options of being in our life or just me being in his life."


"I didn't want to pressure him for an answer, so I invited him for dinner tonight. I told him he can tell me what he decides then. Are you sure you are okay with this?" Martine had been lying on her back and turned to look at James. After being married for fourteen years, she could tell when he was lying.

James turned to look her in her eyes, he reached out and caressed her jawline. He looked at her as though  he was seeing her for the first time, "Martine, I am more than okay with it, in fact, it would be nice to have another man around. I won't feel so overwhelmed by all of your feminine charms."

He leaned in and Martine met him in the middle, sharing a sweet, comforting kiss. The kiss grew in intensity and before long, they were both naked. Between kisses, they professed their love for each other and just as they were going to go further, there was a knock on the bedroom door. They froze.

"Maman. Dad. Are you guys up?" Sophie's voice carried through the closed door. The girls knew better that to barge in when their parent's door was closed, but they knew that love-making was out of the question that Sunday morning.

"Hey, Sophie, we're up. We'll meet you down in the kitchen," James called out as he threw back on his clothes. He then went into their bathroom, grumbling to himself. Martine smiled to herself as she put back on her night clothes. They loved their daughters but they popped up at the most inopportune times.

"Honey, I'm going downstairs and get started on breakfast," she called through the bathroom door. Martine slipped on her robe and went to the kitchen. "Hey, Soph, good morning, baby," she kissed her daughter on her forehead. "Where's your sister?"

"She's still sleeping. Maman, can I ask you a question?" Sophie asked, hopping on one of the kitchen stools.

"Mmm?" Martine was now looking in the refrigerator.

"Is Alain related to us?"

"Why do you ask, Soph?" Martine tried to keep her voice normal, but she kept her face behind the refrigerator door.

"Well, Bianca and I were talking last night and she pointed out that Alain kinda looks like us, but you know, lighter in complextion. And when I thought about it, he did, so I thought it was best to ask you," Sophie replied.

Martine closed the refrigerator door and looked at her youngest child. The expression on Sophie's face told her that this topic would not be changed easily. Even if it was, it would be brought up again when she least expected it. She sighed, "Go and wake up Bianca, and the two of you meet me in the living room."

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