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Martine - Part 11

In case you missed the first part of Martine, click here to catch up.

"Big Brother!!!"

One moment, Alain was standing on the doorstep of the Carter household, the next he found Sophie plastered to his front, squeezing him to death. Bianca was leaning on the side wall, she rolled her eyes then went tin the direction of the kitchen, mumbling something he couldn't hear.

"I'm guessing your parents told you, Sophie," Alain said, patting her awkwardly.

"Yep," Sophie released him, grabbing Alain's hand and dragging him into the house. "Maman, Dad, guess who's here." She called out as they entered the kitchen.

"Alain, of course, who else would be here?" James said, smiling at them from the refrigerator. "Bianca told me you gave him quite a greeting. Sorry about that Alain, but she does that to all the relatives. Well, with the exception of Great Aunt Geenie."

"Yeah, she's on the fragile side, plus it's hard to give a good hug to someone in a wheel chair," Sophie piped in.

"It's okay, Mr. Carter, Sophie, I'll just have to get used to it," Alain said, giving Sophie a side hug.

"Does that mean you're going to be a part of our...."

"Sophie, can you give me a hand in the dining room, " James interrupted, "you too, Bianca," he proceeded to to herd the girls out of the kitchen. "Oh and Alain, call me James, Mr. Carter is a bit formal for the father of your sisters." He patted Alain on the back and exited the kitchen.

Alain found himself alone with his mother. She turned off the stove and walked over to him. She embraced him and invited hi to sit across from her at the dining table in the kitchen. She was nervous, she knew that whatever he decided it would impact her life greatly. She got back her son.

She cleared her throat, "So Alain, have you made a decision?"

"After much thought, I have, well, I did," he could see his answer confused his birth mother. " I had planned to only have you in my life. I didn't think I would fit into this American family. You all are so perfect down to your disgruntled teen." Martine smiled at that. "But it changed when Sophie..... When Sophie welcomed me. She doesn't know me, well, all of me and yet she already has accepted me as her brother. It's different, it's new and I kinda like it."

"So does this mean.....?"

"Can the Carter family find a little space for a Bouvier?"

"Yes, yes, yes!" Martine took Alain's hands in hers and kissed his knuckles. "I promise you, mon cheri, we are not as perfect as you think."

Dinner that Sunday evening was filled with laughter, even Bianca cracked a smile or two. And before Alain left, he made plans to go fishing with James the next Saturday, to attend Sophie's piano recital during the week and to have dinner with he family the next Sunday.

As he walked to the bus stop, Alain felt a sense of peace and belonging. It was new and exciting, but most of all it felt right. When he started his search for Martine, he was looking for the mother that let him go, and in the end he found a family that embraced him. He was looking forward to this new chapter in his life, a chapter that was sure to be filled with love and laughter. He could help but smile.

Thank you for reading part 11 of Martine, I hope you enjoyed the story. To be honest when I wrote this story, the last two paragraph's were the beginning of the next part. The only thing is I didn't know how to take the story further. I knew that the story would continue with Alain assimilating into the Carter family, I knew that the story would shift to Bianca where as we would look at where her anger lied. We would see her anger towards her new found brother because he was light-skinned while she was dark skinned. And as the story continued, we would see the siblings grow to understand each other and realize that they are not so different. Hopefully, I will take the moment to flesh the story out and sooner than later Bianca will make it's debut of Kim or Lisa.

Let me know what you think about this story and if you would like to read the continuation of this story in Bianca. Once again, thank you for making it all the way to Part 11 of Martine.

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