Monday, November 19, 2012

Do You Love Me

"Do you love me?"

The words were muffled,
Coming through the pillow
Covering her head.

He started to remove it,
Wanting her, not only to
Hear his answer, but
To see it.

She held the pillow
Tightly, only wanting
To hear his answer
As it beat the drums
Of her ears.

In this moment,
She was vulnerable
And she could not
Bear for him to
See her so bare.

Hearing nothing,
She tossed the pillow aside
And bolted for the door.

His silence, to her,
Was an answer.
He didn't love her.

Just before she escaped,
He grabbed her,
Pulling her close,
Embracing her,
He answered her.

In his embrace,
Her question was answered.
No words were needed
As this simple act
Spoke volumes.

In the crook of her neck,
He asked her,
"Do you love me?"

When she did not speak,
He looked into her eyes,
Searching for an answer.

She answered him.

She answered him
With feather light kisses
On his lips, cheeks,
Brow and nose.

Each kiss growing
In intensity and
Centering more on his lips
Until they lingered there
Until they were breathless.

They pulled away,
Looking at each other,
They answered the question,
"I love you."

1 comment:

Brian Miller said...

dang. among the soft sounds of the bird, there is much sadness and grit...i wonder for her if it was a bit of describe the small joys of a hard life...