Monday, October 1, 2012

Those Things

Things get in the way,
Becoming grand whales
When truly, they are
Nothing more than a boulder.

Things get in the way,
And instead of simply
Walking around them,
Stepping over them,
Pushing them out of the way,
We lament about them.

Why is this here?
Who put this here?
It's a conspiracy, you see.
I'm sure so and so
Placed it here.

And so we sit there
On this side of
These things, waiting
Patiently for them to

The never do,
You know.

Most times,
Those things will outlast us
And while we become
Old and gray,
Small and feeble,
Those things are as fresh
As a newborn duckling.

Most times,
Those things are created by
Us and sometimes,
They are as easy to do away with
As picking up a feather.

But most times,
They take work to overcome,
Sweat inducing work,
Back breaking work,
But if we do the work,
Oh, we will be on our way.

It doesn't matter which way
We are going,
Or what we will find
When we get there,
What matters is we got there
Despite those things.

Submitted to dVerse Open Link and Poets United.


Kirt Ley said...


Giancarlo said...

Post molto bello, concordo...ciò che conta è quello che abbiamo ottenuto!!
Felice inizio settimana...ciao

Robert Gibson said...

Great work!

Surmounting, in spite of obstacles!

Brian Miller said...

there is truth in your words on the things we allow to get in the way and how sometimes we create them or make them bigger than they really are...nice truth in that last bit as well...

ayala said...

Truth in the saying's not what happens to you but how you react to it....

Mary said...

Loved the philosophy you expressed in this poem.....and agree whole-heartedly with it. We can't blame the obstacles, but have to find a way to overcome!!

John Allen Richter said...

Absolutely TRUE! If people would spend a fraction of the time devising a plan to deal with impediments they would be much happier than spending their lives worrying about the minutia of it... Great minds eye on this one!

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

So very true! Great write!

Katherine Felix said...

A great message, in well written verse.
Very good advice:)

Heaven said...

I agree in hindsight everything is just a pebble of a problem ~ Lovely share ~

chips from a life said...

some times word acts like a mirror...I guess I said it all.:)

Jack said...

I thought of a double-meaning/dual tone: A pessimist could say, "But boulders are still big."

As others mentioned, the philosophy here is a great one.