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Martine - Part 7

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Although Martine had planned to talk to Alain after class on Friday, she had hoped on seeing him before. Perhaps in the halls or crossing the courtyard but she never did, so she patiently waited for Friday.

Friday came, but no Alain, she kept hoping he would be running late and would slip in during the class. As the class ended, Martine kept wondering where he son was, if he was okay.

By the time she got home, she had conceded that the ball was in Alain's court. If he want to talk, he knew where to find her.

"Hi honey, how did it go?" James asked when Martine entered the kitchen. Whatever he was cooking smelled good and she couldn't resist looking in the pot.

"Yum, this looks good, do you need me to make anything?"

"Martine, how did it go?" he asked again, putting the cover back on the pot and looking his wife in the eyes.

"He didn't show up and I haven't seen him at all on campus," Martine answered, heading to the fridge for water.

James shook his head, "Don't worry, he'll come around..."

"When? When will he come?" Martine interrupted.

"When he figures it all out. When he works out what he's feeling. If anything, take the time to figure out what you want from this reunion," James answered.

"What I want?" Martine never really thought about what she wanted. She had been going on instinct, her maternal instinct, but beyond that she was at a loss. It was only then the important questions crowded her mind. Does she want him in her life? How can he be a part of her life? How can she incorporate him in her family's life? How would the girls take having a brother?

James could tell that Martine was trying to figure things out. "Honey, how about you go into the living room and think things through. I pretty much have things covered here."

Martine smiled appreciatively and exited the kitchen. A few minutes later, Sophi entered looking perplexed.

"Dad, what's up with Maman? She almost passed me without saying hi," she asked.

"She has a lot on her mind, Sophie, she may seem a bit distant for a while until she gets a few things figured out. Help me set the table," James replied, handing his youngest the dishes to set the dining table in the kitchen.

"Is it work related?" Sophie was always inquisitive, on more than one occasion her parents wondered if she would be an investigative reporter.

"Kind of, but it's not for me to say. So how was your first week of school?" her father asked, changing the subject. Thankfully, it was a subject Sophie was happy to talk about.

By the time the table was set and Bianca had joined them in the kitchen, James knew about the new student in Sophie's grade, the news of all her teachers and who had changed since the last year.

"Should I call Maman?" Sophie asked.

"Uh... no, I'll get her, you girls can go ahead and eat," James replied, making his way out of the kitchen. He found Martine in the living room, standing by the window looking out, but he doubted she saw anything outside. "Martine."

"Huh, oh, hi baby. I was miles away."

"How the soul searching going?" he walked closer to his wife.

"Well, for one, I want to be in Alain's life. He is my son and the fact that he came looking for me means he would like me in his life. The only thing is how would he fit in to our family dynamic? It was more than a rhetorical question than an actual question.

"I think he would fit in nicely. He's a good kid and the girls like him... well correction, Sophie likes him and I think Bianca will tolerate him," James said in a matter of fact tone. "What? Martine, did you really think I would have a problem of Alain being a part of this zany family. How many times do I have to tell you that I will support you in this."

To show her appreciation, he walked over and embrace her tightly, planting a kiss on her lips. It started out light, but slowly it became passionate. James broke the connection. "We have to stop before I get too aroused. I actually came to call you for dinner and it would be a matter of time before Sophie comes looking for us. And I don't think she is ready to know that we have sex," James said, catching his breath.

"Well, let's go and eat, but we will continue this later after they're gone to bed," Martine said with a spark in her eyes and a seductive smile. They joined their daughters in the kitchen, trying their hardest to look normal. After the Carter girls were fast asleep, later that night, their parents made passionate love. As Martine dosed off, James thought that perhaps having Alain in their lives is the kind of change his family needed.

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