Wednesday, September 26, 2012


O' grand buildings
Reaching for the sky,
Promising those who enter
That God can be found
Within the four walls
And the vaulted roof.

Fear thee not,
Sweet parishners,
God is but everywhere,
Not tightly strapped
To dogma and ceremony,
In mere words
Spoken by great orators
Or written in text.

God is not found
Through men who
Stand before you
In expensive suits
And robes of sombre hues,
He speaks to you,
Sweet men and women,
Will you not listen?

Will you not listen
To the birds that sing,
To the breeze that cools
Your warm skin?

Will you not listen
To your heart
And what resides
Within it?

If you must go
To these places,
Be they grand works
Of architecture
Or little shacks
With holes in their walls,
Heed my words.

Look not to the man
Who claims to know
God's mind and heart,
Look to the woman
Who allows you to
Rest your weary head
Upon her sturdy shoulders.

Look not to the man
Who scolds you for
Being human and having faults,
Look to the man
Who ensures that the floors
Are clean and the stain glass windows
Are spotless allowing
God's light in.

Look not to the man
Who looks down at you,
Look within, deep within,
And find the special message
God has for no one else
But you.

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Robert Gibson said...

This is .... awesome. Well done.

Brian Miller said...

some great truth in this...the sad part is if we look to the man upfront we will always be disappointed and think god of him and him of god...which is not always the is much more personal than that...

Anna Montgomery said...

Words of truth and comfort.