Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Day Was Hot

The day was hot.

It was the kind
Of day that made
One crave cold showers
And ice cold glasses
Of water.

The kind of day
Where you develop
A sheet of sweat
Twenty minutes after
Taking a shower
In places you never
Knew you sweated.

It was the kind of day
Where the air conditioner
Appeared not to be working
And you would pull out
The trusty old fan
To blow hot air at you.
Telling yourself that
It feels a little bit cooler
Knowing you were lying
To yourself.

This was the kind of day
Where a trip to the beach
Was requited, where you
Were sure that a dip
In the azure waters
Will dip the temperature
Of your body to
Something more bearable.

So you pack your towel,
Pull on you bathing suit
And cover it up with
An old t-shirt and a pair of shorts,
Slip your feet into
And old pair of flip flops
And head to the beach.

Once there,
You hesitate only to do away
With clothes and flip flops
Before running, not walking,
Into the water.

For once,
And thankfully, it's not
Too cold and neither
Has it adopted the heat
Of the day.
The water is perfect.

Between swimming
And floating, dunking
And diving, you are lost
In the experience.

Between swimming
And floating, dunking
And diving, you are lost
In the experience.

The water cools your skin,
The sea breeze lulls your mind,
The blue waters calm your senses
And the seagulls provide a melody.
Time passes by and
The sun kisses the horizon.

As you put back
On your clothes,
Slipping back on your flip flops,
You ponder why
You don't come to the beach
More often.

You vow to return
The next week or
The next month, but
A year will pass
Before you dip into
The cool waters.
The only reason for your return
Being the fact that
The day was hot.


daydreamerdreams said...

I know those days...

Brian Miller said...

that is more than enough reason for often helps me find my flow again....

Robert Gibson said...

The day is hot as rass*** I feel a weekend dip is more than overdue! Thanks for the write!

Kirt Ley said...

Should not have read this poem. I cannot escape to a beach such as you described.

But.. the virtual trip was fantastic.