Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Good Morning

Good morning,
Lost stranger
Found in my bed,
Head resting on my pillow,
Dreams melting in
The morning sun.

Who are you?
What are you?
What are you
Doing in my bed?
Would you like 
A cup of coffee?

I shuffle away,
Blanket wrapped
Around my nude form.
I leave because
I need to distance 
Myself from an 
Obvious mistake.
I need to leave
So we can make 
Ourselves decent.

He enters the kitchen,
Scratching his beard.
I push the cup of joe
In his direction.
He grumbles his thanks.

This is a good thing,
He's not a morning person,
Pretty much a zombie,
So I can dismiss him
Without hurting his feelings.

As he sips the coffee,
He reaches across
And interlaces his fingers
With mine, his eyes 
Memorizing every feature 
Of my face. 

Not good!
I pull away and 
Walk to the door,
Hoping he can read
The lines and between the lines.

He looks at me for
A minute which feels like
Five then sighs and grabs 
His jacket. As he passes
Me at the door, he stops
And kisses me gently.

The kind of kiss
That pulls you in,
So tender, so innocent,
So genuine and authentic,
Making you want more.

He pulls away,
Once again he looks at me
For a minute that feels like five
Then walks out the door,
But has he walked 
Out of my life?

When I return to my room,
I find a scrap of paper
On my pillow. 

"Good Morning.
Jaimie, 555-7878."

Good Morning.


Brian Miller said...

interesting explorations of the mixed emotions in that moment...esp if you can not remember them...and i am glad in the end it was a good can not be sure...smiles.

Semaphore said...

This whimsical vignette could be the introduction to a special play or theatre piece.

normamartiri said...

Oooo an interesting piece of human behaviour. I totally reeled me in :)

Jotter Girl said...

A very nice morning after dance.

Morton Monica Evans said...

great title and lovely ending.

Aya Wilson said...

happy monday.
thanks for the share.
amazing poetry.

dsnake1 said...

Interesting! keeps the reader guessing.:)

Nimue said...

i so so much loved this !
sigh !
such dreamy and perfect touch of romance

Mary said...

Visiting from Poetry Pantry.... I think that a lot of people have experienced something like this. We wonder what we did, who we invited. This guy sounds like a nice guy though!

Helen Rice Obama said...

fantastic and dreamy imagery.

enjoy a good morning every day.