Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Flying The Friendly Skies

Let me fly away,
Hop on a plane
And take to the
Friendly skies.

I would peek out
The window at
Tracts of land,
Bodies of water.

Huge trucks became
Toy trucks gliding
Along a river of asphalt

I turn back in
As the flight attendant
Asks me if I would
Like a beverage.

Ice with a cola,
Please and thank you,
Would I like a snack?
No, thank you,
I brought my own.

As I settle back into
My seat, sipping on
My half a can of cola,
I muse over the changes
Of air travel.

No longer do people
Dress up, putting on
Something that borders
On formal or church wear
To travel from country
To country, state to state,
City to city.

No more free meals,
That were decent to meh,
But food was food
And free food is free food.

No more free headphones,
To watch a movie yet
To hit cable, now
One must buy a set
If God forbid they
Forgot their own,
Which is not too bad
If they were a decent pair.

Two checked in luggage,
A carry on and your handbag,
All free, now considered
A luxury.

I want to push back my seat
But I check if there is
Someone behind me,
I would hate to lean back on them
Like the person in front of me
Is doing.

Soon the hum
Of the engines lull me
To sleep and I drape
My jacket over myself
And let slumber carry me home
As the jumbo jet takes me home.


Brian Miller said... surely has changed...smaller...and if your luggage is free that is def a perk as it is not always....have not flown in a couple years but used to all the time....

Kimolisa said...

same here, haven't traveled since 2010, it's a new era, LOL. Thanks for the feedback.