Friday, August 24, 2012

Do I Know You?

Do I know you?

You're who's girlfriend?
Excuse me,
You're who's fiancee?

No, I don't know
Any Edward.

Oh, you have a picture....
Oh, oooooooh,
You're Eddie's girlfriend,
Eddie's fiancee.
Well congrats, girl,
Nice ring.

Say what?
Say who?
You want me to
Stop seeing him?!

Is he here?
Because at this moment,
I don't see him
So I'm not seeing him.

No need to be
Puffing up like
You're a blowfish.

While you were,
Ahem, being intimate,
He called out my name?

Oh, my, my, my,
I am so honoured.
I didn't know
I had left such
An impression on Eddie.

After only one night with me,
He's calling out my name.
Wow, I knew I was good,
But I didn't know
I was that good.

What's that?
Yes, one night but
Multiple sessions,
But that was 2-3 years ago,
Old news but good news.

Wait. One. Minute!!
Don't tell me you came here
Thinking I was sleeping
With your, ahem, fiance.

Are you telling me
You found my name,
Found my address,
Hopped in your car
And came here to what?
Curse me out?

Oh so sad,
That is what you are.
Do me a favour,
Hop back in your car,
And take your behind home
To your, ahem, fiance.

It's obvious you both
Have a lot to talk about
Before you walk down the aisle.

And do me one more favour,
Don't ever come back here.
I don't have your man.
I don't want your man
Because I have my own,
Thank you very much.

Bye now.


Glen Toussaint said...

Lol, Now that was fun. I could see you were having fun with it. Loved it. oh btw, line 39 i think it is...the word 'our' don't know if its a typo or not. Marking this one as a fav ^^

Robert Gibson said...

LOL This is totally awesome :D LOVE IT!!!

Glen Toussaint said...

just read this piece over again, i likie, hope to hear it live