Friday, June 22, 2012


I never told him
That I loved him,
Fearing that the words
Would weigh him down.

Like anchors pulling him
Into an unknown abyss,
Just before he starts fighting it,
Fighting the words,
And by extension,
Fighting me.

I let what we have
Be as shallow as a puddle,
As light as butterfly wings,
As effortless as falling asleep.

In doing so,
I was committing suicide,
Sinking in the lake
Of my emotions.

Drowning on my own
Desires to express
How I feel and
Know that he feels the same.

And just as I had
Accepted my fate,
Willing to settle
For something less than ideal,
He said
"I love you."

It was like a hand
Reaching through murky waters
And holding onto me,
Pulling me out of
My own despair.

Through my shock,
Through my confusion,
Through my relief and elation,
I answered
"I love you, too."

The tides have shifted
And we journey forth
In a new direction.