Monday, June 11, 2012


I listened for
As I dug deeper
Under the covers,
Trying to eek out
One last strand
Of delicious, delightful,
Oh so precious sleep.

In my pursuit
Of nocturnal euphoria,
I hit something
Quite hard that
Groaned the more
I prodded it.
Sleep quickly was forgotten
As I searched out
The source of the groans.

I found it
In the far corner
Of my not so expansive
Bed in a tangle
Of bed linen and
Very much naked.
Not a bad naked either,
I would even be so bold
As to say he was nude.

I sat back
On my haunches
And pondered this
New development in
My Sunday morning routine.

What should I do with him?
Should I turn him out
As soon as he is awake?
Should I play with him,
Just a little?
Should I play house
With him? Playing out
Some ridiculous
Rom-com situation?

My thoughts were
Interrupted with the
Opening up of his eyes,
Then a lazy, sexy smile
Flashed across his face.
Oh, looks like
We're going to play.

I slip back under
The covers and tune out
Tomorrow and Sunday morning
Routines. For now,
We play and
I love to play.


Buddah Moskowitz said...

Loving, romantic and playful. I'm always curious what love is like from the female perspective, and this was a good read. Thanks.

Robert Gibson said...

I agree with Buddah ... I love this playfulness!

Stack ém and rack ém Che' said...

Makes me miss those playing days....