Friday, June 15, 2012

He's Mine


We sat back,
Blowing bubbles in the air
As Johnny Cash crooned
In the background.

Taking a minute or two
To track the progression
Of our individual bubbles,
Hooting and hollering
When one went farther
Than the last one.

While he went in
To get another six pack
And another bottle of wine
For me, I followed him
With my eyes.

Once again
I fell in love with him.

So what
If we didn't drink
The same alcoholic beverages
Or he would wear denim cut-offs
And I preferred
Tasteful summer dresses.

So what if
He cursed like a sailor
And laughed uncontrollably
When ever I made a bodily noise.

I loved him
Because he makes me laugh,
Because he makes
The little girl in me
Come alive and run recklessly
In my grown up pumps.

As I watched
The night claim the sky,
He sneaks up behind me
And plants feather light
Kisses along my nick.
I fall in love with him
Even more.

Thank God
I found him.
Thank God
He's mine.

Thanks for pointing out the typo, Robert.
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Robert Gibson said...

Love this piece, hun.

Small typo - hope u don't mind... You said, "And I preferred
A tasteful summer dresses." Is it "Tasteful summer dresses" or "A tasteful summer dress"? Based on the context I think it's the former.

Great poem, tho

Brian Miller said...

smiles....really a felt poem...and i love all the little touches as well...watching him as he goes to get the drinks...nice...the differences are what makes it fun too...and nice intimacy toward the end too...tender love...

Buddah Moskowitz said...

Beautiful, unabashed love. Can't beat that.

Charles Miller said...

A very lovely, lyrical song on the joys of romantic love and its ebullience. I enjoyed so much the fun you had with the telling of your story and hiw thevwords bring your love alivebin my imagination.

Jessica said...

These lines are so sweet:
Because he makes/The little girl in me/Come alive and run recklessly/In my grown up pumps.

darkangelwrites said...

I love how real your examples are. They make me believe in your love. So sweet.