Monday, May 14, 2012


He sat across
From me,
Cigarette in hand,
Blowing out
Circular puffs of smoke.

He wanted to tell me
Something, something
Only he would find
Amusing, something
He was itching to tell.

But he was waiting
For an opening
An appropriate segue
That would transition
Into his thread of thought.

I never gave him
What he desired,
Choosing to ignore
All his cues
For conversation domination.

With narrowed eyes,
He watched me
Take the last swig
Of my whiskey,
Then pull out my share
Of the bill.

"You know I still love you."
My hand froze
And through beer goggled eyes,
Or is it whiskey goggled eyes,
I looked at him.

In the year
That we were together,
He told me he loved me
Once, three times
If you counted when
He was drunk.

I placed the money
On the table
And stood.

"Too late, baby,
Too late because
I've already stopped
Loving you."

I walked out of the bar,
Walked away from him,
And walked into
My happiness.
A dark cloud now gone.


Rajlakshmi said...

brilliant write... i loved the ending the most :)

Elaine Danforth said...

OMG-- I was not expecting that take charge ending. Good for you! A diffficult scene very well crafted into a poem.

jagring said...

Loved the unexpected twist. I'm not sure if this is a factual relation from your life, but regardless, I felt like you were just waiting for him to end it and you actually bore no love in your part. So why not end it yourself..?? Sooner even..??