Friday, February 24, 2012


I was sitting
On a bench
Facing a raging inferno.

It rolled mercilessly
Towards me, consuming
All in it's way
And I sat.

I waited
For it to consume me,
To eat me up,
Leaving nothing but
Charred remains.

It was a long journey
To this point and
My body was weary,
To walk another step
Was not an option.

I chose to rest here,
To die here, even
My will to live
Was exhausted and
Slept fitfully within.

It was beautiful,
the inferno, that is,
And as I was consumed,
My skin set on fire.
Instead of fear,
I felt hope.

I was consumed
And I felt nothing,
Pain did not reside here,
In it's place was energy.

As I felt everything
I am, everything
I was become consumed
And die, ceasing to
Be, I was reborn.

The tail end of
The inferno swept over me,
Silence reigned,
The land was still.

I shook of the cinders
Of who I was
And stood renewed
In my new skin.

I had survived
The one thing I feared
And learned the one lesson
It was created to teach.

The one thing I feared
Is the one thing
That will make me stronger,
That will make me anew,
That will set me free
From my fears.


Buddah Moskowitz said...

This was so great. (Personal note: A am a Christian Universalist who believes that all have been saved through the sacrifice of Jesus. I also believe that all of us will go through some inferno to purify us for the great reunification with God.) That's probably not where you intended this to go, but that's what I read in it.

Thanks, Mosk

Chèvrefeuille said...

I loved reading this poem. It's a very strong and spiritual poem. I am in awe ... very cool

Magdalena Herman said...

Great journey to being born anew... I can see we've chosen a similar topic :D