Friday, February 3, 2012


I smiled at him,
Not because he was
Attractive, breathtaking,
Intriguing, charming.
It was the genuine Rolex
That caught my interest.

This man, I told myself,
Will be my husband.
I will charm him
And delight him.
I will do things to him
That no woman his age
Would ever dare do,
And just like that
He will be mine.

What would it take?
Three months,
Six months before
He proposed to me
With a big rock from
Tiffanys that screams wealth,
That screams that
I am to be the madam
Of all his estates.

Oh, I could see
The hundreds of thousands
Of dollars sitting
In his bank accounts.
The rustle of Benjamins
Always makes my heart
Go pitter patter.

Momma always said that
To find a rich husband
Spend time in the bars
Of swanky hotels
And it seems like
Dear ole mama was right.

There was no better time
Than the present so
I drank the last of my cosmo
And took a nice lazy stroll
Across to my man
Ensuring he got a good look.

A good look at
My small waist,
My full hips
And my generous bosom
All brought to us
By God and
Dr. Jenkins.

Oh Lord!
Who was this sitting next
To my husband to be?
Oh I know that look.
Looks like Richy Rich
Is already taken,
So I moseyed on out
Of the swanky bar
In the swanky hotel
And into a cab.

The night is still young
And the bait is still fresh
So to another bar and
Hopefully to another big fish
For me to lure in
And catch.

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Robert Gibson said...

Again an excellent story in verse. Awesome work, Kim :)