Monday, January 23, 2012


Day in,
Day out,
The same thing
With no way out.

No place to rest
My head but on
A pillow with
No heart, no soul.

No arm to curl
Around me,
To comfort me,
To tell me to forget
My worries, my sins.

No smile to add
A little more sunshine
Into my day
With promises for my night.

Be strong,
Be unyielding,
Be a modern woman,
They say.

But I am tired,
I am weary,
And there are times
When I want to do nothing
But curl up and cry.

But I never do,
Even when my back
Is to the wall,
And I'm being mauled
By the world.

My face is granite,
My chin is high
And never a tear
Falls from my eyes.

I am strong,
I am resilient,
I am independent,
I say, and still
I pray that
I don't fall apart.

Day in,
Day out,
The same thing
With no way out.


Brian Miller said... realise these are very male emotions...not saying you are is just how we are be strong, dont cry...dont let it get to you...its bs...just saying...smiles.

nice verse though...

hedgewitch said...

Nothing wrong with a good cry--not that it fixes anything, but sometimes it makes you able to sleep better. Terrible sense of compression here.