Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Every now and then,
I would want to run
Away from the person
I am, I was.

Run swiftly away
Leaving her in the past
And run to a place
Quite unknown
To her or me.

Run till the memory
Of her and her life
Fade until they become
Fine stranded cobwebs
In the corners of my mind.

I wish I could run
'Til my muscles strained,
My breath was all but gone,
And every ounce,
Every fiber of my body
Demanded I stop.

But I would only stop
When all I was,
All I was destined to be
Became shadows
As I stood bravely
In the light.

In that light,
I was not
What others thought of me,
What I believed of myself,
What society, family, friends
Thought I should be.

In that light,
I would be as pure
As that light,
Unencumbered with
False notions and realities
Taught to me since
I was a babe,
I would be more….

Every now and then,
I would want to run
Away from the person
I am, I was,
And every time
I would stay.

Submitted to dVerse OpenLinkNight


Brian Miller said...

yes i have felt like running away...and from myself as well...tried it a time or two as well...but came home...felt piece...

pandamoniumcat said... too! I'd love to runaway from me myself and I. :)

bajanpoet said...

oh this is a good piece. I know the tug of wanting to run but staying. Whether it is responsibility or fear of the unknown, something usually holds you back.

Taylor Boomer said...

lovely imagery with your thoughts running and fine tuning.


Kimolisa said...

Thanks for the feedback. For some strange reason, I feel this is the year I will be making the run for it. I believe it's time....

bajanpoet said...

Go for it Kim!

Fayola said...

i can't begin to count the times i've run, only to make a U turn...

Mrsupole said...

I agree with the other here that there have been times where I have tried to run and sadly I too have been forced to come back. But then I know what we see is not what others see and would be nice sometimes to see how others see us.

A very nice piece to share with us for this weeks Theme Thursday.

God bless.

Mary said...

You seem to have captured something of the universal here! But...the poet must write!