Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ring, Ring, Ring

Ring, ring, ring!!
Someone is blowing up
My cell, but I'm busy,
So I decide that
I'll call them back.

Ring, ring, ring!!
That's strange,
Who would be calling me
This fine Sunday morning?
Perhaps that guy
I just started talking to.

Ring, ring, ring!!
He walks in,
A shadow from my past.
"Hey you," I say,
It's been a while,
I think, still looking good.

Ring, ring, ring!!
"What's wrong with my phone?
The phone wasn't ringing.
Oh, you mean my cell."

Ring, ring, ring!!
I give him
The answer to
His work related question.
Next customer.

Ring, ring, ring!!
He's gone,
I'm unsettled
But I try to act
Normal, cool even.

Ring, ring, ring!!
Three missed calls.

It wasn't like
I was going out of my way
To hurt him, but the way
He searched my face
For some semblance
Of malice got me
To thinking.

Thinking of all the times
I would answer.
Did they subconsciously matter
To him? and the three times
I didn't left him unsure.

It's not like
I was in his life
And he was in mine,
Not like we were
Lovers or friends,
More like acquaintances,
Associates, nothing more.

Then it dawns on me,
An epiphany bitch slapping me,
This cell, which I paid for,
Is mine and that means
I decide whose calls
I answer, I decide
Who I let into my consciousness,
My day, my life.

This little device
Is one more way
I can keep unhappiness,
Insecurity at bay,
Just through the simple act
Of pressing the ignore button.

So when my cell goes
Ring, ring, ring,
And I see it's him,
I'll let it
Ring, ring, ring
Because it's time
We both moved on
And I am looking for
A different kind of ring.


Robert Gibson said...

Love this poem Kim, esp the ending :) ... #thatisall

booguloo said...

That worked out OK!

Ashton Hewlett Williams said...

looking for that different kind of ring....nice :)

Wander said...

I liked the last stanza best.

Magdalena Herman said...

Oh, how familiar this sounds! ;) True, we can always decide whether to pick up or not, that's the blessing of a mobile phone :D

Summer Rain said...

amazing expressions.


Andy said...

This was fun.
Ending was perfect!
Thanks for sharing.

The Jewels In You

Buddha3074 said...

Awesome, and rings of the truth,lol.