Friday, January 13, 2012

New Beginnings

When I think of
New beginnings,
I don't think of
New Years or
Birthdays, I think of
A seedling.

I think of
A pair of baby leaves
Emerging from a ruined seed,
Ever so slowly
Until they open up
Completely as though
They are saying
"Here I am world.
Behold my existence."

For me,
That is what
A new beginning is.
Here is something
So small,
So ordinary
And yet capable of
Becoming a grand tree,
Strong and sturdy,
Watching other creatures
Be born and die.

I think of
The potential we all have
To be great.
We are all like that seedling,
Some of us
Are comfortable in that seed,
But we all have it in us
To push out,
Stretch and become

So when one makes
A remark about
New beginnings,
I think of the seedling
That will become
A grand oak tree.

This poem was written for the Best of Books open mic, unfortunately, I didn't get to read it because of transportation and communication issues. Submitted to The Poetry Palace and imaginary garden with real toads.

1 comment:

bajanpoet said...

Beautiful words, Kim. We all have the potential to push past our hindrances and barriers - our boxes - and become extraordinary!