Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Beginning

I awoke with a start
And in a fog of
Confusion, I assessed
My surroundings.

This was not my room.
This was not my bed.
This was not even a bed,
And what was that sound?

I turned to my left
And found him fast asleep,
And in that moment,
It all came back to me
Like a wave crashing
Against the shore.

We were in his living room,
And the night before
We were lounging
On his couch.

Between the two of us,
We finished a bottle of red wine
And tucked away
A medium sized pizza.

In the background,
John Legend, Adele and Jill Scott sang,
In the foreground,
Our voices shared
Our dreams, our beliefs,
Our lives spilling effortlessly
From our lips.

There were moments when
I wanted to reach across
And kiss him, but
I didn't want to change
What we had into
Something physical,
Going somewhere we could
Never return from.

Yet during the course
Of the night,
I ended up in his arms,
My head resting on his chest,
And I fell asleep
To the lullaby of his
Heart beat.

For once,
I felt safe,
For once,
I felt accepted,
Not hunted down
Like an exotic bird
That was to be caught
But never kept,
Never loved.

I didn't have the urge
To escape from his embrace,
Instead I snuggled in,
Inhaling his existence.

I didn't know
What was going to happen
In the next week,
In the next day or
Even in the next hour,
All I knew was
That I was going to
Savour that moment.

This was just the beginning.

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Robert Gibson said...

I hope it's just the beginning too ... that's a beautiful story :)