Friday, November 18, 2011

Welcome To The Freak Show

“Welcome to the Freak Show!!”
She said with much pomp.

She being an average size woman,
With average features
And an average tone of voice.

Far from a freak,
I thought to myself,
In fact, not a freak at all.

I held my tongue,
And followed her
Down the modest hallway.

We stopped in front
Of a large window,
Inside sat a woman
Reading a book.

I looked at the description
Of the “specimen”
That was posted beside the window.

“A nymphomaniac,
Known for her desire for sex
And has a large list of men
With whom she has been intimate.”

The tour guide moved on
To the next window.
Beyond this window
Sat a portly man wiping his hands.

His description,
“A man suffering from
Obsessive Disorder,
Requires cleanliness,
Abhors dirt, spends his time

On and on,
We walked from
Window to window,
Until I had seen
All the freaks.

At last,
I could not hold my tongue
Any longer.

“What type of Freak Show is this?
These people are regular people
With quirks, here or there.
They are not freaks.”

To this my tour guide replied,
“Of course, they are freaks.
To at least one person,
Each one of them is a freak,
Their behaviour freakish.”

“If they are freaks,
Then so am I,”
These were my last words
Before I felt a sharp pain
To the back of my head
And darkness swallowed me whole.

I woke up behind a large window.
I awoke to the words,
“Welcome to the Freak Show!!”

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