Wednesday, November 9, 2011

She Walked

One day,
She started walking.

It was not something
She had planned on doing,
She just kept walking
Down the street,
Along the side of the road.

Behind she left her home,
Her possessions,
Her relations,
Both close and distance.

All she had was
The clothes on her back,
The cash in her pocket,
The shoes on her feet
And a heart that was weary.

She walked up hills,
Down into valleys,
Across plains and
Around lakes.

She walked
Until her stride grew slow,
Blisters covered her feet
And her eyelids grew heavy.
She only stopped
When her body would go
No more, and when it was
Well rested, she continued to walk.

The only home she knew,
The only home she claimed
Was her body,
The home of her relentless spirit.
A spirit that urged her body
To walk.

Soon borders melted away,
Mother tongues changed
From melodic to harsh
And painful to hear,
Still she walked.

She didn’t know
The answers to life,
But she knew that
The life she was living
Was not the answer,
So she released the reins
And let her spirit
Take her to a better life.

A month later,
She found herself
In a small town
Where they spoke a language
She couldn’t speak,
And it was here,
She was meant to be.
She stopped walking.

A year later,
She had a job
Working in a little tavern,
She lived in a little cottage
At the edge of the town,
Dating the son of
The town’s butcher,
She now spoke the language
Fluently and effortlessly
And the urge to walk
Never returned.

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