Monday, November 28, 2011

In The Jewel Box

I found whispers
In an old jewel box.

They were paper thin
And ever so soft
As I touched them
To my cheek.

I wondered to myself
Who they belonged to,
Who had hidden them
In this old jewel box.

I took them to the attic,
The whispers
And the jewel box,
And closed all the doors
And all the windows.

Sitting quietly,
In that dusty attic,
I tried to hear
The whispers
As they laid in
The old jewel box.

Twas two hours later
When my mind was empty,
My heart was open,
And my soul was set free
That I heard the whispers.

"I love you."
"I love you, too."
"Will you come back?"
"I will always come back."
"I will miss you."
"And I will miss you."

Then silence,
And in that moment,
A lone tear crept
Down my cheek.
He never came back.

I rose and walked
To a window.
With the jewel box
In one hand,
I opened it
And everyday life
crashed around me
Like a wave.

I heard the kids
Down the street,
I smelt the roses
In the garden,
And I felt and saw
The sun setting
In the distance.

Without thought
Or hesitation,
I threw the whispers
Out the window,
Into the world.

I watched it
Sail away in
The late summer breeze.
Such pain should not be
Locked away in gilded boxes,
But made to dissolve away
And from what is left
May something new
And joyous be made.

Submitted to The Poetry Palace


nIx said...

Enjoyed reading this!

magdalenahermanstories said...

Lovely and sad story. Reminds me a bit of the 'Titanic' movie...

Teresa Marie said...

Beautiful! Hauntingly so, but still beautiful. Blessings and happy new year, Terri

booguloo said...

It truly touched me. Thanks for sharing.

Christopher Franko said...

this poem was beautiful. great portrayal of exact emotion of finding an old jewelry box :D

charleslmashburn said...

I love the way you tend to end your poems on a hopeful positive note. This one was terribly sad, but you lifted it up at the end. I like it!

Harry Nicholson said...

I could hear the whisperings and the rustles as they were set free. The poem is atmospheric and has subdued power.

Jo Bryant said...

i was drawn in to this from the first line - great work

cooloceanwaves said...

whispers in a jewel box, interesting.

love the vivid imagery and powerful motions on it.
well done.

Happy Rally.

lynnaima said...

hmmm what a read, a journey within a journey, pretty and filled with hope :)
happy rally!!

~L said...

so magical and profound!

~L said...

When sadness ends, happiness shall come. :) Beautifully written.

clariice said...

It was sad. I guess he left on a bad note? Else the jewel box would be a good keepsake for remembrance.

I loved the way the suspense was built up towards the end. Excellent piece!

Kimolisa said...

Thank you all for the kind words, the feedback is very helpful.

Jeannette, said...

so sad...whispers of love thrown away. thanks for sharing...

caridwen said...

nostalgic and wistful, with a hint of hope at the end to rescue it from being morbid. Nicely done! Here's my offering this week:

Wander said...

Thank you for opening the box

Tifiny said...

magical experience, wow.

Happy New Year.

Shail said...

Yeah such pain should not be locked away in jeweled boxes. They should be allowed t0o dissolve.
I loved it, especially the last stanza :)

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