Monday, November 14, 2011

I Give Thanks

When I was little,
I had the oddest desire
To stick my finger
Into outlets.
Lucky for me,
I never died of
Electrocution and for that,
I give thanks.

Growing up,
I would do many things,
Like running across a road
Seconds away from getting struck,
Or crossing ravines
On narrow walkways
And not once had
I been hurt and for that,
I give thanks.

At the age of eleven,
I was diagnosed
Wish Scoliosis,
And after much deliberation,
It was decided that
I should have surgery.
With surgery, there are risks,
The risk of not being able to walk,
The risk of death.
I survived two surgeries,
Or was it three? For that,
I give thanks.

Less than ten years later,
I was studying at a college
Based in Manhattan.
As two planes crashed
Into the World Trade Center,
I was learning how to say
How are you in Italian
In Florence Italy, for that,
I give thanks.

There are so many things
In life to give thanks for.
Being able to see,
To hear, to walk,
For family, for friends,
For that perfect piece
Of chocolate at the end
Of a trying day.

But there is one thing,
I always give thanks for.
I give thanks for life.

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