Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Around and
Around and
Until the center
Of my mind
Opened up
And swallowed
The world.

I fell in that moment,
Grazing my knees,
Biting my tongue,
Bruising my ego
Even though no one
Was watching.

I rose
To stand on
Unsteady legs,
Refusing to let gravity
Keep me down.
I'm a fighter
When it comes to that.

I touch my face,
My forehead,
Trying to determine
If I had successfully
Swallowed the world,
But all I could feel
Was the coolness of my brow.

I looked up to the sky,
Seeking out the moon.
I whispered to the man
In that moon,
"Will you forgive me
If I don't swallow the world,
If I am but another person
Walking on the Earth?"

In my thoughts
He replied,
"Will you forgive yourself
If you don't swallow the world,
If you remain a regular person?"

On unsteady legs,
I spin
Around and
Around and
Until one day
I swallowed the world.

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