Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm Back!!!!

It was quite tragic actually, I had a terrible case of writer's block which was a product of me focusing on a project I had just launched called You may have noticed the addition to the side which is an etsy store which shows the product which are cocktail recipe cards the size of business cards.

You see a couple years ago, my sister and I visited our brother and we came across a book of sexy shot recipes. Thinking that we would like to try a particular one, we made it a point of ordering it whenever we went out. Unfortunately, only one place out of four had could make it and I think it was because we brought the book. Seriously, though, would you want to walk around with a book of cocktail recipes when you go out? Not fun, trust me.

In the end I made the cards, currently available through etsy are printables as well as laminated versions of the cards. Each set has 10 cards with an accompanying envelope. The series now available are Sexy Cocktails, Cocktails Based on Places, Frozen Cocktails and Pop Culture Cocktails. There is also a free printable you can download from the site. Definitely check it out.

There is still a lot of work to do in terms of promoting the business, but I am just happy I've gotten over the writer's block. I'm looking to post poems on the regular once more and I'm looking for a new challenge for Wednesday. Thanks for still following me despite my being missing in action and look forward to some more great poetry.

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