Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We Are Not Angels

We are not angels,
We aren't the types
That people would point at
And tell their kids
To be just like us.

We are the types
That asked too many questions,
That did things anyway
Because we wanted to,
Because we were curious,
Just because!

We are the types
That bucked the rules
And turned up our noses
At the ordinary,
The normal,
And while everyone
Walked the straight and narrow,
We ran recklessly
Into the unknown.

We are the types
That laughed too loudly
And cried apologetically.
The owners of a gamut of emotions
That we showed without
Fear of judgement,
A fear we never possessed.

We are the types
That stood behind of
Causes we believed in
Even if they were the unpopular ones.
We are the sentries
Of our beliefs,
Defenders of our values.

We never apologise
For who we are,
We just ask you to accept up
For who we are.

So we walk this earth,
Heads held high,
Stride confident and unwavering,
We are the type
That change the world.

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