Friday, June 24, 2011


The rain fell
At a 45º angle
And I watched it
As I lay under my covers.
My bed was right
By the window.

There was no where else
I wanted to be,
This place, right here
Is where I'm supposed to be.

Feeling the coolness
As I touched the window pane,
And relishing the warmth
That embraced my body.

The rifts of some melody
By Duke Ellington
Plays lazily through
My room and I savoured it
Like a glass of Pinot Grigio.

Just at that moment,
A ray of sun cuts through
The clouds creating
A mini rainbow, I exhale

How sweet it is,
Moments like this
Are meant to be experienced
In their entirety,

Moments like this
Are like a glass of fine wine,
A chunk of perfectly aged cheese,
A dish made with love,
And a hug,
You hope never ends.

The thing about moments like this
Is they have to end.

If they lasted forever,
You will never appreciate them.
The moment passes,
Becoming a sweet memory
To be savoured over and over,
And to serve as a reminder
That moments like this

So this moment ends
With Mi Amour rousing
From his slumber and
With that end,
A new moment begins.

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