Friday, June 17, 2011

Give Me A Break


"Give me a break!!"
That was the last thing
He said before going
Into a diatribe of
How incompetent I was,
How useless a person I was,
How I was a waste of space,
A waste of flesh and bone.

I was a waste?!?!
Was I waste of when
I took his kids to the movies,
Made sure his wife got flowers
On her birthday,
Valentines, Mother's Day
And their anniversary?

If it wasn't for me,
That same wife would have
Found out about Gina,
Amanda, Doris, Svetlana
And that one drag queen
He thought I didn't know about.

I practically ran this office
While he's out playing golf,
Or having 3 hour lunches
That turn into drinks
And then "business dinners".
If there wasn't a picture of him
In the office, the staff would
Have forgotten what he looked like.

All of that was forgotten
Because I forgot that
On Wednesday, he liked
Frappuccinos instead of
Cappuccinos, his drink of choice.

Give him a break?!?
No problem!

In the middle of
His diatribe,
I placed the paperwork
He had to review and sign
On his desk,
Did an about turn
And left his mausoleum of an office.

At my desk,
I removed every piece
Of my personal effects,
And backed up all my personal files,
Then made my way to the elevators.

It was there
The boss found me.
"And were do you think you are going?"
He asked, a volcano ready to explode.

The elevator doors opened
And I stepped in,
Staring him in the eyes,
With a polite smile, I said,
"Why, sir, you said,
And I quote,
'Give me a break.'
Well, sir, enjoy your break."
The elevator doors closed.

Be careful what you ask for,
You just might get it.

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