Friday, May 27, 2011

Lips On My Lips

Another hot one so proceed with caution

I awoke to find
Lips on my lips,
But when I opened
My eyes, I found no face
Hovering over mine.

Instead I felt
A tongue dip between
My lips, savouring
My essences
Before suckling on
The tip of the center of
My universe.

I cooed like a dove
As my kitten purred,
My back arching
As though I was possessed,
But instead of a nasty, evil devil
I was possessed by a pleasure
That stood on the line dividing
Pain and ecstasy.

Just when I was about
To relinquish contol
To something so primal
It scared me to death,
The lips on my lips were gone.

I released a feral scream
And instead of lips
Consuming my lips,
My lips were fed
A delicious morning snack.

My lips consumed it's snack.
Just as it sated my hunger,
I lost all control,
My body hummed,
I spoke in tongues foriegn to me.

I.... I..... I.....
I passed out.

I awoke to find
Lips on my lips
And when I opened my eyes
I found the face 
Of the man I love
Hover over mine.

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bajanpoet said...

WOW.... this has me so hot...

Good job ...