Friday, May 20, 2011


She always said
That she was a clumsy person,
That she was prone to
Walking into doors,
Tripping over her own feet,
But we knew better.

She always said
She had something at home
To do,
That was shy she couldn't
Go out with us,
Be it for drinks,
For a cup of coffee,
For dinner,
But we knew better.

She always had a reason
Why her boyfriend
Was constantly calling her phone
6, 7, 8 times during the times
We did get to hang out,
But we knew better.

She always had
An excuse,
An explanation,
A reason
For things that
Just didn't seem right,
But we knew better.

Now she will never
Say anything,
Have a reason,
An explanation,
An excuse for anything
Because we didn't do
Better by her.

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