Friday, April 29, 2011

I Want Love

I want....

I want that Disney Love.
The one when you look
At that special person
And you just know.
It might be instaneous
Or it creeps up on you.
In either case,
You end up just knowing
That the person in front of you
Is the real deal.

I want

I want that rom com love,
That first love,
That getting to know you love,
Where we are sharing
Our minds,
Our philosophies,
Our spirits,
Our souls
And eventually,
Our bodies.

I want love.

I want that hot, sticky love.
That transition from mental
To physical, but this time
It’s special because we know,
We know that my spot is
The spot on my neck
Below my ear and his spot
Is a secret I’m never giving away.
In this love,
We know to take our time,
And to make sure we both
Are left satisfied.

I want love.

I want that steady love,
That strong love
Where I know his shoulder
Is there to rest my weary head.
And through my hands,
Through my words
I will give him strength
Reserved for the deserving,
Reserved for him.

I want love.

I want that crazy, stupid love
That has me saying things
I never thought I would say,
Like “I love you.”
“I want to see
What our kids will look like.”
“I want to spend forever
With you.”
And the crazy thing is
I would mean it.

I want love.

I want that dynamic love
Where we would argue,
Would hurt each other’s feelings,
Each other’s pride,
Rip into each other’s beliefs.
But despite all of that
We could not imagine living
Without each other.

I want a love.

I want a tireless love
That has no expiration date.
An endless love
That is air for my lungs,
Food for my body,
Thought for my mind.

I would need this love
To survive,
But when it goes,
Yes I will cry,
But I will be comforted
That I knew this love,
And that love was real.

I want love.
I want a love to love.
I want a love
That wants to love
And be loved
By me.

I want

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