Monday, April 25, 2011

Dear Lover

I have to let you know that this poem is a little on the hot side so you would have to click the whole thing after the jump.

Dear Lover,

How I do miss you.
I miss the way
You would suckle
At my breast
Like a hungry infant.
Instead of taking sustenance,
You were giving me

Oh, Lover,
How I miss
The way you would
Make my kitty purr
With each lick of
Your, oh so, skilled tongue,
Making me buck
Like a wild stallion
Having to be broken
Before being ridden.

I miss your length
And thickness,
How it would fill me
Completely, entirely.
And your roll,
Like waves against a beach,
A slow in and out,
In and out,
In and…..

I miss that moment
When my legs are wrapped
Around your hips
And every muscle in our bodies
Are taut and liquid.
An eight limbed creature
Caught in a moment
Of total, complete

My Lover,
I miss our nights
Of unrepentant debauchery,
But I don’t miss
The heartache,
The confusion,
The unwanted pain
Caused by my wanting
You to be more than
A Lover.

So I will revel
In the memories
Of kisses that left me
Left me craving more,
Wanting more,
Needing more.

I will replace my desire
For you with the desire
To find a man
Who is willing to be
More than a Lover,
A man who will want
To be my Man.

Yours truly,

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bajanpoet said...

oooh I love this ....