Thursday, February 24, 2011

My First Story!!

A couple nights ago, as I was falling asleep, I started to weave a story in my head. Unfortunately that night I barely got any sleep, because I was fleshing out the story. It's a contemporary, Antiguan version of Little Red Riding Hood and you can check it out up there by the pages. This is my first try at storytelling, but it was a story that insisted on being written. Remember I barely got sleep because of it.

Actually, this is my second time, on Christmas day, my mom told the family that there will be no tv, no internet on Christmas day. While we were waiting to open the gifts in the living room, I started to tell my siblings a funny, Caribbean version of the Three Little Pigs. They were laughing up a storm.

Please keep in mind, I'm a poet and this is my first time putting something like this, so be gentle.

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mikapoka said...

Ciao, quite interesting and quick-witted version of 'Cappucceto Rosso'
(Italian for LRRH): can't wait to read the second half, so I'll be back in a jiffy. Have fun!