Sunday, February 13, 2011

Great Week


This is extremely awesome for me because most of my followers are not people I know. This means that people follow this blog are genuinely interested in it. It doesn't hurt that today is my birthday so this is a great birthday gift. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for following!!!!!

In other news, the week that just passed was great in terms of poetry. I attended two poetry nights. Expressions: Poetry in the Pub was on Tuesday and Best of Books Wadadli Pen Open Mic was on Saturday. Both nights were awesome, there was a great crowd, the poets were diverse, entertaining and thought provoking. Also there is something to be said about the great energy that flows in these places, honestly, it feels like home. Also, by participating in these events make me a stronger public speaker. I took public speaking as a class in college and there is this great feeling when I have an audience and I have a strong handle on the speech I have to give. Hopefully in the next year or two I will take part in an open mic in NYC.

Also, while getting the links for the poetry nights, I came across a little write up on the Wadadli Pen site where I was listed as an Antigua Author on the Web. Happy Birthday to me!! The blurb is as follows: – This young Antiguan poet has been a hit at August Rush’s Expressions, Wadadli Pen’s Open Mic, and other venues. She definitely rates a read; check her out and I’m sure you’ll agree.
 On a whole, it's been a good week in poetry for me. It really gives me the push to finish my book of poetry. Just a matter of time. Have a great week.

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