Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mona's Revenge

Alice's blog on My Modern Met

They said it would be fun,
They said it would be exciting,
It would be unusual,
I was what the doctor ordered.

For these reasons,
I went to Ruben's house.
Why would my friends
Lead me into anything dangerous?

By the time
We reached Ruben's house,
We were buzzing with anticipation
And the ecstasy we popped
To kill any nerves.

In outfits
Our mothers would disapprove of,
In shoes
That made our feet curse us.
We entered Casa Ruben.

We followed the music
To the living room
And as we walked in
I noticed it smelled of sex.

Yes, everyone was dressed,
But the room reeked
Of the primal act
And if you looked closer,
You would see it
In the eyes of the partygoers.

In the middle of the room
Sat Ruben,
His eyes openly undressing
Every woman that passed
Where he sat.

We chose to mingle
Instead of letting Ruben 
Know we were there.

The hours slipped away
With us chatting, dancing,
Flirting with men we knew
And a few we didn't.

Just as I was exchanging numbers
With a man who 
Caught my attention,
I sensed I was being watched.

I promised my new friend 
That I would give him a call
Then looked around
To see who was looking.

On his face,
Many emotions were shown.
Of them I identified 
Anger, Regret, Hope, Lust
And Love.

I was not expecting the last,
As I thought he was incapable 
Of feeling, expressing Love.

Love did not make him
Remain faithful to me,
Instead of sleeping 
With every woman who existed 
In his atmosphere.

Love did not make him
Turn his back on me
When I needed him the most.

Love did not make him
Steal from me to pay
One of his many bookies.

No, Ruben never knew
The meaning of love.
Slowly, I blew him a kiss,
I slipped my arm
Into the crook of my new friend's arm
And make my exit.

I felt him follow us,
To avoid any confrontation,
I kissed my new friend
On the cheek
And bade him good night
Then slipped out the front door
Before any man could say a thing.

A taxi was waiting,
I had called for one earlier on
And as I melted into the seats,
Kicking off my heels,
I revelled in the sweet

I didn't have
To perform a criminal act
To make Ruben feel the pain
I've been feeling.

All I had to do 
Was leave him confused,
Leave him unbalance,
Leave him wanting,
That is Mona's revenge.

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bumatom said...

you should have slipped the number into buddies pocket yourself!
would have kill the..