Monday, January 3, 2011

I Will Become

                                 Political Brambles

Once lost
In a briar patch
Of twisted thoughts
That pierced my skin
Infecting me
With a toxicity
So rare that
It overwhelmed me.

By the time
I escaped,
By the time
I was found,
I was so toxic
I was slow
In becoming well again.

But day by day,
Minute by minute,
I heal,
I purge,
I become what
I was before.

And yet...
Do I want to be
What I was before?

Do I want
To return
To the poor creature
That became lost
In a briar patch
Made of evil thoughts.

Oh, no,
I refuse to be
That ever so naive,
Ever so innocent

I will become
A stronger person,
A wiser person,
A person connected
To a wisdom
Older than my own

I will become.....

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