Monday, November 29, 2010

Women with Words - dub insomnia by Amahnee

While checking out Black Girls with Long Hair, I discovered Women with Words. According to it's About Page,
WomenwithWordz is an interactive blog where women of all races, ages and backgrounds can post and share their writings, rhymes, poems, stories, scripts, and words. This virtual space is welcoming of all types of work: a quiet reflexive song, an angry loud poem even silly fun lyrics and stories are accepted and celebrated.

The WomenwithWordz blog was born from the Women with Wordz writing circle held every Wednesday at 1900 Sheppard Ave in Toronto. Supported by Literature for Life, the women are led by their instructor Motion to let go and write freely and openly about what is most important to them.

This blog is an invitation, an extension of the beautiful works that pour out of the writing circle, to all women who stumble upon the blog and have a song to sing, or poem to write, or a story to tell. Please take your time and read (and respect) the words within the blog and feel free to respond or submit your own writing.
I really got into it and even submitted one of my poems. I think it's a great way for writers and poets to share their work. I don't know if it is the same for others, but I've been able to interact with like minded people through blogging and it is always a great way to share one's work beyond one's shores and/or borders.

Below is a poem by Amahnee, one of the Wordsmithz on the blog.

dub insomnia

Night thoughts chase the dawn

As day breaking dreams are born

In the madness of midnight suns

Makeshift cock calls riddle his eardrums

And he presses the snooze button on the alarm clock

Although he hasn’t slept yet

Dressed yet?

He still wears the slacks with the syrup stains

And the crumpled lunch receipt in the back pocket

Can’t remember what he had

But he knows it was awful

Stomach grumbles

As he reaches for another packet of ramen

“Shit, I shoulda never left

Sun rays for snowy landscapes

Coal pots for coffee cups…

And Mama.”

Night thoughts chase the dawn

As day breaking dreams are born

In the madness of midnight suns

The sky’s sparkling black pupils scorn his footsteps

“How dare you disturb this world’s slumber.”

But down under, he’s just another number

On another block, in a far away city

And even he haffu eat

So he stumbles on to the street

Sneakers saddening pavement as baby sleeps

Sweating for dimes

Fingers slipping through time

Souls caked in mud

Does hope die with the settling son?

Night thoughts chase the dawn

Day breaking dreams are born

In the madness




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Virginia said...

Thank you for sharing this poem. I have insomnia and it really resonated with me. I wanted to pass along a website I ran across,, that offers a lot of great sleeping advice.